Tai Nguyen Mechanical One Member Company Limited was established in 2006 and was a pioneer in the field of processing metal sheet, pipes and manufacturing machines to serve for domestic markets and for export.

With many years of experiences in manufacturing fitness equipment in Vietnam, Tai Nguyen has become a leading, prestigious and competitive brand in Vietnam as well as in the World. We are extremely proud to provide our customers with professional services and high quality products manufactured with strict quality management systems according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003. Tai Nguyen is also honored to receive FDA 510K Certificate for export to US, and CE Marking Certificate for export to Europe.

Our main export markets include: Asia, Europe, America, Africa and we continue to expand to other regions in the globe.

Our strength is based on our ability to build long term relationships, bring high quality and value to our customers.

Production line is 80% automatic based on the mechanical precision with 11 engineers and over 200 skilled workers.

Total area of the factory is 12,000m2.

Production capacity: 500 billion / year.

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